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The Pierceton School Alumni Association is committed to serving our members as well as the Pierceton Elementary School and the Pierceton community. The Association is committed to keeping our members informed of the activities we support and the projects that we undertake in fulfilling our Mission Statement. Here are a few things we’re doing right now!


PSA Sec. Report, 1899 – 1927 is available for viewing!

Through the generosity of Becky (Bryant) Ogden-Bowman (Class of 1968), the Association has come into possession of an historical journal titled the Pierceton School Alumni Secretary Report, 1899 – 1927, a compilation of business meeting notes and annual alumni banquets observations from over 100 years ago. Heritage Photo Research digitized the document, and it is now available on-line at our website. This amazing document records the proceedings of business meetings of the Pierceton School Alumni as they navigated the early 1900s and held banquets to honor new Pierceton School graduates every year. It offers a fascinating portrait of the Town of Pierceton during this time period. Click HERE to read a faithful typed transcript of the entries. A digitized copy of the original document is available HERE. You’ll feel like you were there in the early 1900s.

Old Pierceton Student newsletters to be digitized

The Association is pursuing a project to digitize copies of the Pierceton Student newsletter. These old documents offer a glimpse into the details of life for Pierceton students – sometimes sad, sometimes mundane, often hilarious. The Pierceton Student was a staple for nearly every student who attended the school and these copies are important reminders of our history. If you have copies of old Pierceton Student newsletters you would like to have digitized, please contact Doug Gregory 260-437-9935 for information about how to get them to the Association. We’ll digitize them and return them to you!

Pierceton School memorabilia on display at Larwill

The Whitko Career Academy has provided space for alumni associations of Pierceton, South Whitley, Larwill, and Sidney to display school memorabilia at the Larwill Campus. PSAA has set up a revolving display there and it is available for viewing at any time. You’ll see student newspapers, diplomas, spirit items, sports trophies, letter jackets, senior cords, diplomas, and much, much more. Simply contact the main office at the Academy (260-723-5146) for more information and to obtain entry.

Senior Class Pictures all displayed at Pierceton Elementary

All of the old Senior Class Pictures that lined the hallways of the 1870 and 1923 Pierceton School buildings for decades are now displayed in the hallways and office spaces of the Pierceton Elementary School. From the oldest known picture (Class of 1913) to the final class to be graduated from Pierceton High School (Class of 1971), the pictures are displayed so they are easily viewed by all visitors. Contact the school office to arrange a viewing time.

The Pierceton School Yearbooks Are On-Line

Find yourself when you were just 18!







Where's the Limestone from the 1923 Pierceton School?

Did you ever wonder what happened to all those beautiful limestone pieces from the old Pierceton School building? Well, the Association salvaged most of them and put them to use in several different places that pay tribute to the heritage and legacy of the Pierceton School.

Pierceton School Memorial Tribute

An astonishing total of 22 of the limestone features are incorporated into the beautiful Pierceton School Memorial Tribute. These pieces represent all of the different features that we salvaged from the 1923 Pierceton School building.

When we salvaged the limestone pieces, the Memorial Tribute was the primary use we had in mind. We are thrilled with this fitting tribute to the history and legacy of the Pierceton School.

Pierceton Elementary School sign

A limestone rosette is embedded on each end of the new elementary school sign in front of the school on State Road 13, linking the history of the old school buildings to the future of the new elementary school.

In addition, two more limestone features were purchased by a friend of PSAA and have been incorporated into her home not far from Pierceton.

Residence in Maryland, USA

Some friends in Maryland purchased a number of  limestone pieces and have  used them in their home. [Note teardrops on sides and rosettes near the top.] They also used a number of pieces in structures around their lovely property.
This wonderful family told us they watched eBay for weeks before deciding to purchase the limestone from us. They wanted to honor the history that the pieces represent, and they have done a beautiful job.


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