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Class of 1952

On September 21, 1940, thirty- nine children entered the first grade. Only six of these thirty- nine finished at Pierceton High School. They are; Roberta Danner, Carol Lee Orr, Helen Mort, Bob Kilgore, Cloyse Rider, and Jim Gebert. When we reached the second grade, Ruth Flinton and Dean Harris joined us to finish our remaining eleven years at Pierceton School. In what seemed just a few short summers later, we suddenly became seniors! A year to be held highest of them all. Miss Yontz and  Mr.Stouffer were our sponsors that year.

We soon discovered that seniors play an important role in PHS. The school paper was started with 12 senior staff members, and the Student Council started functioning under the leadership of Bob Steckbeck. In basketball we had eight men on the first ten. For the third successive year the cheerleaders were chosen from our class. They were Kenneth Mort, Wayne Bryant, and Carol Lee Orr.

We presented the comedy “The Great Big Doorstep” which we all felt was a very successful senior play. This made us all very proud of our class. On the coldest night of Fall, we held our first class party. On a wagon bed padded with a little hay and many watermelons, we entrusted our lives to the expertise of Herm Conley, the Farmall H tractor operator as we jaunted to Colomer Dam Park.

Early in May we boarded a bus bound for Washington, DC and New York City. We all worked hard for that trip and we enjoyed every thrilling moment of it. At last came our Class Night, Baccalaureate and, last of all, Commencement – that long anticipated moment when we received our diplomas. We ARE the PHS Class of 1952.

The Class of 1952 was almost too cool for school, and we have the photos to prove it! Really, how would we be much cooler than we look? We have more proof recorded in our yearbook, titled Memory Lane.

This is how we rolled back in the day. Notice the strong resemblance to how we look today?




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Pierceton School Alumni Association