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The 129th Pierceton School Alumni Banquet

The anniversary of the banquet has varied over the years, but we recently discovered the first Pierceton School Alumni Banquet
was held in 1894. You can find this information as well as other fascinating facts in the PSA Secretary Report 1899 - 1927.

June 24, 2023

You’ll be able to make your reservations in the spring

The 2023 banquet will be hosted by the Pierceton School Alumni Association banquet committee

Look for a mailing in the spring from PSAA with reservation form. Fill it out and send it in with your check. If you’d like to make your reservation on-line, it will be available on the website soon after the mailing.

For more information contact Betty Ellison Ormsby (Class of 1970) at 678-521-9413.



2022 Alumni Banquet

The Class of 1972 from Whitko High School hosted a great night of food and fun.  Their theme was “That 70’s Class”.  There were many items from the 1970’s era in the main hall as well as many raffle items.  Bob Evans catered the meal, and the Brown family served more than 200 alumni.

2021 Alumni Banquet was a SMASH!

2020/2021 Alumni Banquet

The Classes of 1970 and 1971 came together to host a knock-out evening of fun, food, and fellowship for the 128th annual Pierceton School Alumni Banquet on Saturday, June 26, 2021. Although government dictates prevented us from holding our annual event in 2020, the two classes planned and implemented an enjoyable and very safe banquet experience. Alumni got the chance to meet and greet old classmates from forever-ago and catch up on activities from the past two years.

The caterer provided an outstanding meal and members of the Stan (Class of 1968) and Elaine Carlin (Class of 1970) Brown family served 220 guests in a cafeteria food line that was fast, simple, and safe.

The Class of 1971 was the last class to be graduated from Pierceton High School, but don’t worry. The Pierceton students of the Whitko graduating Class of 1972 have taken up the mantle and will be hosting the 2022 banquet!

Here’s a little taste of the evening’s activities as we relished the chance to be together again!

(NOTE: Some pix may be cutoff because of the format, but right click  and "open in a new window" and you'll see the entire photo.)

2019 Alumni Banquet

The Class of 1969 hosted the 125th annual Pierceton School Alumni Banquet on June 22, 2019. The night featured an extended opening time to view the iconic PHS Senior Class pictures, a chance to review old friendships and meet fellow Cubs, great food, lively banter, and an introduction to the new Pierceton Elementary School principal.

2018 Alumni Banquet

The Class of 1968 presented an incredible evening of fellowship, fun, and food at the 124th Pierceton School Alumni Banquet on June 23, 2018 at the new Pierceton Elementary School. We had 245 registrations for the event and guests enjoyed a great time with everything seeming to go off without a hitch. Congratulations to this fine group of kids.

Here’s a little walk down the memory lane of that great evening.

2017 Alumni Banquet

The Class of 1967 rocked it on June 24, 2017 at the annual Pierceton School Alumni Banquet. Here’s a little walk down the memory lane of that great evening.