Pierceton School Alumni Association


Since our inception, the Pierceton School Alumni Association has undertaken multiple projects that are focused on our members and the Pierceton community. Our latest project is the display of Pierceton School memorabilia and documents at the Whitko Career Academy at the Larwill campus.


PSAA Display at the Whitko Career Academy!

We were recently invited display Pierceton School memorabilia and historical artifacts in a permanent space at the Larwill Campus of the Whitko Career Academy. The four Whitko schools are displayed in close proximity in an enclosed showcase. We have created our first display that was opened during the 2018 Whitko Career Academy Open House. That viewing brought enormous positive responses, and you’ll want to make sure you get over to the Larwill campus to see what we’ve done. You can view the display during regular school hours by contacting the Academy to obtain entry.





And by the way…if you have items you’d like to loan for the display, please call Doug Gregory 260-437-9935 for information. You can maintain ownership and simply loan them to the school display!

And, there’s a lot more!

The Association’s first project in 2014 was the design and construction of the Pierceton School Memorial Tribute that you can read about here. Our second project was the recovery, restoration, and permanent display of the Senior Class pictures that lined the hallways of the old Pierceton School building. These pictures are now mounted in the common areas and office spaces of the Pierceton Elementary School.

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