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Class of 1966, Best PHS Class EVER!

Since that warm and bright Sunday, May 22, 1966 when The Reverend Mr. Thomas Oler pronounced the benediction for our Baccalaureate, the Class of 1966, Best PHS Class EVER! has met the world head-on, determined to repay our debt to the Pierceton School and the community that supported us. Here’s what Cheryl Rager wrote in the Pierceton Echoes:

This last year of our high school education was a busy one, filled with fun, sports, club activities, and a lot of work. We spent much of our time trying to earn enough money to go on our long-awaited trip to Washington. DC. Remember the card sales, Jon Hoppus’ careful management of the concession’s room, our after-game dances, our terrific “football jerseys” that Doug Gregory sold so many of with his wonderful sales pitch, and those cake raffles we held during the half-time of the basketball games? Yes, we did a lot this year, and we were represented in nearly every organization, sport, and club activity.

Although we are leaving PHS, we will always remember the crowded halls, the long lunch line, the noon games, the fun, the students, the teachers, and, most of all, the knowledge we gained there. The class of ’66 is on its way, and we know that Pierceton High School has prepared us well.

Cheryl couldn’t have known how exactly right she would be about us! Since the Pierceton School Alumni Association was re-organized in 2014, we have joined them on their mission to promote the legacy and heritage of the Pierceton Schools. Members of the Class of 1966, Best PHS Class EVER! have contributed over $12,500 to PSAA projects and special funds for the benefit of our classmates, our community, and the PSAA organization.

Continuing that generosity, in 2018 members of our superlative class pledged $270 to the Teacher Appreciation Project to support the faculty and staff of the Pierceton Elementary School as part of the PSAA Alumni Back-to-School Project. By May 9, 2021, we had received $435 of the $270 we had pledged ($150/checks & $285/cash). In June 2021 we pledged $200 to the Whitko Scholarship Fund, and we gave them $250That’s Right!! We receive MORE from our glorious classmates than we pledge…because, well, that’s who we are! Really, could our incredible class be any more marvelous?!? NO, WE COULD NOT!! (Well, of course…we could if we wanted to.)

Barb and Barb help in the office

In addition to our financial contributions, we donated over 120 volunteer hours to the Alumni Back-to-School Project for the 2018 – 2019 school year, and just over 70 hours in 2019 – 2020, because the school year was cut short. About half of all volunteers for the Project come from the incredible Class of 1966, Best PHS Class EVER! If the school decides to reinstate the program, you can be sure we will be back in our places every week, working with students and teachers. We’ll get details out as soon as they are available.

Those are just some of the things you do when you are part of the

Class of 1966, Best PHS Class EVER!

And, we meet every month for a class luncheon.

Every month, members of the Class of 1966, Best PHS Class EVER! meet where we want, eat what we want, talk about what we want, and behave the way we want. Of course, where we meet, what we eat, what we talk about, and how we behave are all perfectly appropriate, as is becoming of the outstanding individuals we, by definition, are.

The next luncheon for our remarkable class will be on May 10, 2023. Visit the site often to learn the next establishment with which we will bless with our extraordinary presence.

Class Lunch History


On April 12, the Class of 1966, Best PHS Class EVER! graced the Maria’s Family Restaurant in Warsaw with our phenomenal presence. Sixteen of the most incredible people in the world made one of the Maria’s servers the luckiest server in the world as we allowed her to take our orders and hear our stories.

The Class of 1966, Best PHS Class EVER! has met for luncheons almost every month since we organized ourselves in 2015. And, quite frankly, there is simply not enough space on this website to document all the great times we’ve had together. Plus, if anyone tried to shove all of our brilliance and overall wonderfulness into this format, the world wide web would simply explode. So, it is out of respect for Planet Earth that we limit news of our monthly luncheons to just a few of our most recent one or two gatherings.

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