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The Class of 1969 Shines at the Shriner Circus in Fort Wayne

Along with the animals, daredevil feats, and the antics of clowns…was the Circus Director Steve Trump (PHS Class of 1969.) Steve was Assistant Director for 6 years and now has been the Director since 2010. The Mizpah Shrine Circus is a fraternal fundraiser for Mizpah, a not-for-profit organization that helps maintain infrastructure of the Shrine Mizpah Center.

Beth Marrs and Steve Trump (both Class of 1969) take a quick break to celebrate the Fort Wayne edition of the famous Shrine Circus! Steve has directed the Fort Wayne event for the past 14 years.

The Class of 1969, and all of the Pierceton School Alumni Association members, are exceptionally proud of Circus Director Steve Trump for his devotion and leadership in this iconic event!

The Class of 1969 Delivers the Greatest Banquet of All-time!

After months of planning and committee work, members of our class gathered at the school on Friday June 21, 2019 around noon to set-up tables and chairs and to discuss format for banquet. We were done with our work and out the door by 4:00pm that day. On THE BIG DAY, June 22, we swarmed the school at 3:00pm, opened the doors to Alumni at 4:00pm and served dinner at 6:00pm. A big thanks to the team of Mike C/Deb R/Rosie M for getting decorations ready for the event. Also, thanks to Marie Beery for suggesting name tags to be our senior pics that we had printed: They looked GREAT!!

A special thanks to Phil Gates for his determination to have the perfect meal available for everyone.  Phil also decided which table went first in the food line. Mike K introduced the evening and Phil M closed the evening.  In between those actions, the team of Chuck, Jay, and Hal raised money with hundreds of raffle tickets. Andy presented the dinner prayer.  A big thank-you to all the class members who spent the evening helping with parking, registration, greeting, and serving dinner plates to attendees that were unable to stand for the food line. This was a classic display of gracious people enjoying one another’s company and helping others.

If you have information you would like to share with the Class, maybe on this web page or in some other venue, please contact Frank Rhoades 574-551-0812(frank@efrhoades.com) or Beth Marrs 260-249-8441 (gmarrswo@hotmail.com)

On Sunday June 23 our class held a special get-together for just us at the American Legion. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and fun. Below are a few photos that capture some of the moments of that event.









Do you recognize these scalliwags?

Look closely at the photos below and see if there is anyone you recognize.

In case you want to give up, the top photo is the Class of 1969 in the 3rd grade with Mrs. Marrs in 1960. The bottom photo is the Class of 1969 in the 5th grade with Mrs. Neher. Look closely and see if you can find yourself and your friends!

The Same Scalliwags in 2019!

The Class of 1969 held a planning meeting on March 9 at the home of Chuck and Lise Collier. Besides making great strides to perfect our plans for the 2019 Alumni Banquet, WE HAD A BLAST! Check out these photos of the participants, and check back to this page often for news about our next event.

We held another class meeting at Chuck and Lise Collier’s place, and we made GREAT PROGRESS in tidying up our plans for the Alumni Banquet on June 22. You can find more information about that meeting here.

To see some pictures of our March meeting, click on the photos below. Simply hit Escape on your keyboard to return to the full grid.

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